The 143rdnd running of the Kentucky Derby on Saturday, May 6th, 2017 brings out high style and fancy afternoon parties at New York City's best bars and lounges.  This year is no different as drink specials and great music surround the several hours that lead up to the fastest two minutes in sports.  Here are our recommendations on Derby-themed events to enjoy the Run for the Roses and the hats: ... Read More

First a history lesson as Cinco de Mayo has somehow worked it's way into American culture as a great excuse to drink margaritas, shots of tequila and just about anything else offered up with little regard for why. Maybe that's a good thing.  However, as a point of fact, the celebration commemorates the Mexican army's victory over the French at the Battle of Puebla on May 5th, 1862.  Now that we have appreciation for the origin of the revelry, here are the best deals at bars, lounges and clubs in New York City: ... Read More

As the weather warms up in New York City, one of the great experiences in the city is to get out on the water of the Hudson River and East River and enjoy the views looking back at the majestic skyline.  There are a variety of ways to enjoy the open water and fresh air ranging from booze cruises to after work Happy Hour excursions, dinner and drinks comedy shows and even your own personalized jet ski tour.  Here is NiteTables list of package deals so you can book the appropriate offer for your group: ... Read More

NiteTables is proud and excited to have been selected as the on line marketing partner for the New York City Football Club Pub Partner Program.  The program will facilitate the continued building of the community of NYCFC fans by ensuring the city's (and beyond) best sports bars create a game day haven for the team's followers.  The venues involved are already known as great spots to enjoy sports, and particularly soccer (football), from around the globe with attractive food and drink selections. ... Read More

If you are a tourist visiting New York City for the first time or just in search of a unique experience in the city for couples or a group, we have some great options being hosted by NYC's premier bars, clubs, lounges and cruise boats.  Whether it be a birthday, bachelor or bachelorette party in NYC, each of these offers present a one-of-a-kind celebratory event. Listed below are NiteTables best experience packages and special holiday offers from the best of the city's nightlife venues: ... Read More

New York City is constantly buzzing with special events that fit everyone's fancy from day time to deep into the night.  Often the hardest part is sifting through the noise to figure out what is going on in the bar, lounge and club world and how to get involved. NiteTables is committed to simplifying this process with on line booking and Guest List sign-ups.  Here is our current list of the best and most unique events listed on NiteTables right now (with an eye towards great deals as well): ... Read More

March Madness in New York City tips off on March 17th with some extra fun as it coincides with the St. Patrick's Day parade. The opening Thursday which itself a national holiday for sports fans will double down on the partying as hoops fans and St. Patrick's Day revelers vie for prime real estate at the bar.  As for the The NCAA Basketball Tournament, this season features a wide open field with somewhere between 12 and 15 teams having a legitimate chance to win the championship.  More than ever, each game will really matter beyond your alma mater and the all-important brackets in your office pool.  (we will let the courts decide whether that is the crime of gambling or just a fun game of the lottery).  One thing not to be left to chance is planning where to watch the games with the best combination of atmosphere and price. Here are our tournament sports bar selections for this year: ... Read More

Valentine's Day 2016 falls on a Sunday night leaving no excuses for anyone close to a committed relationship to not spend quality, romantic time with that significant other.  For that group, we have some of NYC best dinner and drinks packages at both high quality restaurants and affordable prices.  For those of you staunchly independent , NiteTables offers up both day and night parties for singles.  Here are our best offers for each: ... Read More

Looking for a great bar in New York City to watch Super Bowl 50 without chipping away at the rent money?  There are several sports lounges and bars offering up an evenings worth of drinks and sometimes even bites in a festive game day atmosphere. Here is NiteTables list of the best venues in NYC offering up reasonably priced open bar packages and/or admission with drinks tickets.  You won't be guaranteed a table with many of these offers, but may be able to snag a seat at the bar if you arrive early: ... Read More

We can only hope that historic Super Bowl 50 will approach the excitement of last year's Patriots game-winning goal line stand against the Seattle Seahawks.  Of course, we will be treated to a steady stream of reminders that Russell Wilson should have just handed to "Beast Mode" to secure a repeat championship.  But history is unkind unless you are a Brady/Belichick fan.  As the play-offs commence this year there are a lot of familiar faces chasing the ring, especially at quarterback:  Big Ben, Manning, Brady, Rogers, Wilson and Dalton.  With Coldplay poised for a big half-time show (will we see RiRi or Beyonce?), the Super Bowl as national holiday reigns supreme.  If you are in New York City, the key decision is which sports bar or lounge is best to enjoy the game and locking in those plans.  To help, NiteTables has put together a list of the best venues with tickets and table packages for the big game: ... Read More