New Years Eve on Monday night creates an extended weekend of partying culminating in the evening of celebration to usher in 2019. We know visitors to New York City are willing to stand outside in the cold of Times Square to watch the ball drop at midnight, but that is not for real New Yorkers.The locals will find a club or bar to drink and dance the night away. Although many NYE events will be luxury priced, we have found several which will not drain the bank account. Here is NiteTables curated a list of the city's highest quality events at reasonable prices: ... Read More

Halloween Night 2018 falls on a Wednesday night making for a mid-week excuse to find your best costume and head out for a late night of dancing and partying. There will be crawls, open bars, rooftop parties and clubs all serving up great events throughout New York City: ... Read More

There is a reason they call New York "the city that never sleeps"!  It is a reputation well-earned as the nightlife scene in NYC delivers creativity, diversity, and high energy until 4am. From majestic rooftops with panoramic views of the skyline to pulsing dance floors which attract the world's best DJs to live music venues which have spawned the biggest stars. Where every neighborhood has it's own unique vibe, a night out in NYC will not be soon forgotten..."the concrete jungle where dreams are made of".  ... Read More weekend in New York City will offer a bevy of Saturday night parties with a few major events on the actual Wednesday night as well. The city will have a large selection of dance club parties, but if the bar or pub is more your scene here is a list of NYC's best parties at the premier venues: ... Read More

As always, Halloween 2018 in New York City will bring out the best and most creative of the nightlife scene. With the actual All Hallows Eve on Wednesday night, there will be themed costume parties the prior Saturday Night as well as mid-week. Finding the best events is easy using our quick guide to NYC's best Halloween Parties be it high-end rooftop, lounge or dance club: ... Read More

Amidst the middle of a hot summer in what is known as the "dog days", sometimes you just need to cool down. whether that be escaping to the beaches of the Hamptons or Jersey Shore or finding the best options here in New York City, finding a party where you can cool down nearby is a major perk. Here are our favorite beach and pool parties for the Summer of 2018: ... Read More

From the best to the best! We know our guests want to experience New York City in a variety of ways during the day and at night in both Manhattan and Brooklyn. Here are our recommendations for NYC's top rated and best reviewed experiences, tours and activities: ... Read More

July 4th 2018 being on a Wednesday cuts the week in half perfectly making for multiple party options as this work week will never get started. The weekend Summer beach goers get a great chance to whoop it up in the city. With that in mind, both Pre-Independence Day parties abound along with a full slate of July 4th rooftop parties to view the fireworks shows. NYC's top rooftops and clubs will not disappoint. Here are our best ideas: ... Read More

A really exciting time has come. Someone who is an important part of your life is getting married! Whether it’s from your sister, a college roommate, your childhood best-friend, or a close family friend, being asked by someone to be their bridesmaid or the maid of honor is quite the compliment. Of course, it is usually done in the most unique and creative way possible. Shortly after the hugs and happy tears, the realization settles that you now have a pretty imperative task on your hands; throwing the most extravagant and unforgettable bachelorette party for the bride. To make this celebration one to remember, check out these helpful tips as a guide towards easy-going planning process. ... Read More