Halloween Weekend 2017 in New York City features a wide range of costume parties, specialty themed events and open bars ranging from the city's best nightclubs to high energy pubs. In sifting through the options we have put together those which feature the best combination of quality and value pricing. Here are NiteTables best deals for Halloween: ... Read More

Halloween Weekend 2016 in New York City appears to be serving up magnificent Fall weather which makes a rooftop party a great option this year. As expected, the city's best lounges and clubs are featuring thened parties and have recruited live performers and world renowned DJs. As this Halloween shapes up to be one to remember there is a healthy selection of great parties: ... Read More

The Halloween 2016 celebration has inspired a full weekend of special events, parties and open bars at a variety of venues around New York City. However, the premier clubs and lounges in the city have stepped up to throw major costume parties on the actual Halloween Night of Monday, October 31st. Hold out on your best and most creative outfits for these high-end events: ... Read More

Halloween Weekend in 2016 offers up a variety of special events and open bar parties at New York City's best bars and clubs.  With Halloween Night falling on a Monday this year, much of the nightlife activity will occur on Friday and Saturday nights.  We have focused on club and lounge dance parties in another blog so this is our list of the open bar packages and thematic, unique events: ... Read More

Although Halloween Night 2016 actually falls on a Monday, the majority of New York City’s best costume parties will be held on Saturday, October 29th with a handful kicking off the festivities on Friday Night. On Monday Night, we will see a few parties at the city’s high–end dance clubs. You can look for a wide variety of themed lounge/club parties, open bars and special events to choose from for your night out. Here is our list of the top Halloween Events, Tickets and VIP Packages in NYC: ... Read More

The 2016 NFL Season starts with the craziness of the leagues best player Tom Brady on vacation for four weeks and a wave of social conscience raised by the Coiln Kapernick, and other, pre-game anthem demonstrations. But once the we see opening kick-off, the league delivers parity like never seen before. Almost every team (sorry LA) is in the playoff hunt. And with our beloved Fantasy Football squads every game matters whatever our fan allegiance. NYC's sports bars provide a great game day experience and NiteTables has a range of special offers and open bars to accommodate all groups: ... Read More

And so it begins! The 2016 College Football season. Saturday afternoons and evenings will once again be a time for school pride, mini-reunions and supporting your college football team. As always, NYC's best sports bars align themselves with the alumni groups to create havens for like-minded football fans. Here is a refreshed primer for where you can watch your favorite team immersed in that familiar school spirit: ... Read More

Labor Day Weekend marks the unofficial end of Summer 2016 in New York City with we wish it a big "good riddance" with this list of parties and events over the three days. The sweltering heat wave has finally passed so look for great conditions for a big last fling before classes start and work gets real again. Here are some of NYC's best Labor Day Weekend parties at both bars and clubs--a little something for everyone: ... Read More

The much anticipated rematch between Connor McGegror and Nate Diaz highlights UFC 202 on Saturday night, August 21st. New York City's premier sports bars will be hosting raucous Viewing Parties complete with the full fight card, drink specials and live DJs. Here are a few of our best events with advance tickets to ensure entry and a wild night out: ... Read More

Social media and email marketing in the BLC (bar, lounge, club) industry needs a radical rethink. Currently most BLC social media marketing consists of what amounts to digital billboards which serve to announce events but in no way motivate or allow customers to take immediate action. Most of the industry's efforts, at best, solicit a customer phone call, email, or a visit  to a website where thecustomer must then fill out a submission form to inquire about the venue. ... Read More