Memorial Day Weekend 2017 kicks off the unofficial start of summer with the weather finally accommodating after a cool Spring in New York City.  For those of you staying in the city or visiting from afar the NYC nightlife scene will be percolating with a variety of party options. Here is NiteTables list of our favorites club. lounge and rooftop events for MDW: ... Read More

Cinco de Mayo in 2017 falls on a Friday night and will lead to a wide range of parties at New York City's best bars, lounges and clubs. Here is our list of the best events which honor this great Mexican holiday tradition. Plenty of tequila will be flowing at all of these featured parties: ... Read More

Whether you are spilling out of work to catch the best Happy Hour party scenes or pre-gaming for a late night out, New York City's bars and lounges do not disappoint.  Here is our list of the best after work parties for those of you ready to jump right on to the dance floor with music from the city's best DJs. Drink and food package reservations available on line: ... Read More

If you are looking to keep the weekend going, New York City offers up brunch options to either maintain the dance party at a lounge or club with live DJs or get back on the drinking horse with a hearty breakfast and open bar. Here is our list of the best events and package deals for weekend day drinking in NYC:  ... Read More

With budgets tight as New York City rent chews up most of the bank account, finding affordable ways to enjoy a night out of eating and drinking can be a challenge. Thus, we have put together a list of sport bar and lounge deals for a weekday or pre-gaming on the weekend before a late night at the clubs.  Here are NiteTables best dinner with drinks, open bar and bottle packages available for online reservations: ... Read More

Super Bowl LI (51) will almost certainly deliver a compelling match-up as many of the leagues big name teams and players enter the post-season with championship hopes. However the divisional play-offs shake out, planning your game day experience in advance is a necessity to snag tables and deals at New York City's best sports bars and lounges. For that reason, we have our list of package offers to ensure you have good seating for the game (and Lady Gaga halftime show) and plenty to drink and eat: ... Read More

New York City offers up nightlife customers a group of high-end gentlemen's clubs which make the term "strip club" seem obsolete, as well as world renowned caberet and burlesque shows  From live DJ parties to extravagant steakhouses to sports bars ot drag shows, NYC's adult entertainment venues offer a wide range of themes and group packages for bachelor and birthday parties. Here is our list of the best venues/offers many of which can be booked in advance for group tables and free general admission deals: ... Read More

With so many options for your New Years Eve celebration in New York City, making a choice is like being handed a Greek diner menu at 3am. Everything looks great, but you can only select one (maybe two) of the offers. Understanding this dilemma, NiteTables has assembled this quick guide to help you find your way to the right party to kick off the New Year. The “Best Of” NYE Party Guide by category: ... Read More

New Years Eve 2017 in NYC offers up a wide range of high-end dance club and specially themed events.  However, if your preference is a more relaxed (or rowdy) setting with plenty of drinks flowing, the NYC bar scene delivers some great choices. Here are NiteTables recommendations for NYE open bar parties at some of the best bars and pubs in the city: ... Read More

New Years Eve 2017 will be another raucous celebration as we say goodbye to a year many would just as soon forget. To help in that process, the NYC nightlife scene provides dance parties and open bars to keep the party going deep into the night. If you plan to party hop or your budget dictates a strategy of pre-party at home and hit the clubs late night there are several economic options for after midnight admission. Here are the best late night NYE tickets in NYC: ... Read More