The New York City Pride Parade culminates a month of celebration and advocacy with one of the city's most festive weekends of the year. The Parade begins on Sunday afternoon at 12pm on 36th and 5th Avenue and ends at Christopher and Greenwich Street. Of course, the NYC nightlife scene has stepped forward to deliver a variety of great parties from Saturday through Sunday brunch to late night on Sunday. Here is a list of some of the best rooftop and club events during Pride Week: ... Read More

July 4th 2017 falls on a Tuesday ensuring us a full four day weekend of summer parties in the city. The New York City marinas, waterfront bars and clubs and of course rooftops with views of the fireworks display will be particular hot spots for day drinking and dance parties. Here is NiteTables list of the top July 4th weekend events in NYC: ... Read More

Through a partnership of NiteTables and Nite Tours Int'l, a global leader in hosted night out events, Nite Tours NY is introducing a variety of nightlife tours/crawls to manage experiences for visitors to New York City and groups looking for a curated night out. All tours are hosted by a New York insider as concierge who facilitates the highest quality experience. Nite Tours will take customers to a variety of the city's most happening neighborhoods to visit NYC's best clubs, rooftop lounges and bars. There are three primary "crawls" or group events: a club tour, a rooftop tour and a pub tour. Here is the breakdown of each:  ... Read More

The NBA Finals of Cavaliers vs. Warriors III promises to be one of the great match-ups in basketball history. Can Lebron pull off another championship against the super team of Durant, Steph, Klay and Draymond?  The games will be must-see TV for even the most casual of sports fans. NYC's sports bars and lounges will turn each game into a full-on party. Here are our recommendations on where to watch the series and the special deals being offered: ... Read More

Memorial Day Weekend 2017 kicks off the unofficial start of summer with the weather finally accommodating after a cool Spring in New York City.  For those of you staying in the city or visiting from afar the NYC nightlife scene will be percolating with a variety of party options. Here is NiteTables list of our favorites club. lounge and rooftop events for MDW: ... Read More

Cinco de Mayo in 2017 falls on a Friday night and will lead to a wide range of parties at New York City's best bars, lounges and clubs. Here is our list of the best events which honor this great Mexican holiday tradition. Plenty of tequila will be flowing at all of these featured parties: ... Read More

Whether you are spilling out of work to catch the best Happy Hour party scenes or pre-gaming for a late night out, New York City's bars and lounges do not disappoint.  Here is our list of the best after work parties for those of you ready to jump right on to the dance floor with music from the city's best DJs. Drink and food package reservations available on line: ... Read More

If you are looking to keep the weekend going, New York City offers up brunch options to either maintain the dance party at a lounge or club with live DJs or get back on the drinking horse with a hearty breakfast and open bar. Here is our list of the best events and package deals for weekend day drinking in NYC:  ... Read More

With budgets tight as New York City rent chews up most of the bank account, finding affordable ways to enjoy a night out of eating and drinking can be a challenge. Thus, we have put together a list of sport bar and lounge deals for a weekday or pre-gaming on the weekend before a late night at the clubs.  Here are NiteTables best dinner with drinks, open bar and bottle packages available for online reservations: ... Read More

Super Bowl LI (51) will almost certainly deliver a compelling match-up as many of the leagues big name teams and players enter the post-season with championship hopes. However the divisional play-offs shake out, planning your game day experience in advance is a necessity to snag tables and deals at New York City's best sports bars and lounges. For that reason, we have our list of package offers to ensure you have good seating for the game (and Lady Gaga halftime show) and plenty to drink and eat: ... Read More