What an honor it is to interview this proud New Yorker on the eve of his October 22 debut at District 36! Articulate, passionate and truly grateful, Danny Tenaglia is a nightlife legend and formidable sonic architect. Keep reading for details on what you might hear when he takes over the turntables at the city's top sound factory, plus how he diligently plans an evening that'll have fans dancing 'til dawn—and beyond. ... Read More

The Halloween season is all about letting your creep flag fly. And we don't mean creep as in those grabby guys who make offensive comments to women at the bar after one too many shots of tequila. We're talking the thrills and chills you get from visiting a haunted house attraction like Blood Manor, New York's premier destination for a blood-boiling horror experience. The folks there really know how to push your buttons without actually touching them. (For real: A hands-off-the-customer policy is firmly in place.) ... Read More

Most of the time, magic is something you see performed on TV or on stage. Not on October 27: During NiteTables's Night of the Living Sexy bash at Hudson Terrace, partygoers will experience the wonder of illusions up close and performed just for them by Discovery Channel "Supernaturalist" star Dan White. ... Read More

For some, Halloween equals dressing up in a Sexy Nurse (or Flight Attendant or French Maid) costume from Ricky's. To others, it means bobbing for apples, eating candy corn and putting up not-so-scary decorations like jack-o-lanterns, faux cobwebs and ghosts made out of bed sheets. ... Read More

"Beer is proof that God loves us and wants us to be happy!" Amen, Benjamin Franklin! Behold a six-pack of beer celebrations, from a high-brow brew cruise to an array of $pecials that even a seriously broke beer lover can afford. ... Read More

October 31 falls on a Monday this year, so Saturday the 29th is shaping up to be a big night. Whether you're looking to dress in costume or just want an extra-special excuse to hit the clubs, keep in mind that these parties are potential sell-outs, so consider booking in advance.  ... Read More

Footloose arrives in movie theaters next Friday. Duran Duran is playing Madison Square Garden on Oct. 25. And, last night, Debbie (not Deborah!) Gibson sang "Shake Your Love" to a room of adoring fans. Uh-oh, did we accidentally step into a time machine and end up back in the 1980s? ... Read More

Need a little lust in your life? We dare you to pay a visit to this seductive downtown drinking den and not emerge feeling utterly amorous. In her debut DateNite column, Francesca Borgognone explains why need to say to your significant other: "Come with me to this Casbah!"

Glowing candles, red rose petals and velvety drapes. Such is the kind of decor that makes many a woman swoon—and most boyfriends bolt. ... Read More

Always wanted to hop into a DeLorean and set the control panel for 1985? Here's your chance! Culture Club, that totally awesome downtown night spot that was a velcro for fans of the big-haired decade and many a bachelorette before shuttering in 2007, reopens September 30 at 20 West 39th Street. (Go here to get $10 off opening-weekend admission.) ... Read More