1) How Do I Make a Reservation?

A reservation requires a 10% deposit by credit card based off the dollar value of the package being reserved. The remainder of the package cost plus tax and gratuity is paid upon entry and service at the venue. Thus, the reservation is free with a pre-commitment to the experience package.

2) How do I know my reservation was received?

You will receive an immediate email receipt with the details of your package, deposit amount and funds required at the venue. It is recommended that you bring this "Commitment Statement" to the venue to ensure proper execution and billing.

3) Are NiteTables reservations guaranteed?

Although every venue has final discretion over who enters their establishment, we do have an agreement with our partner venues to accept all members of a NiteTables reservation. This stipulation is within reason as a disruptive, drunk or improperly attired guest will likely get turned away at the door. A reservation does not trump venue policy. In such case of a reservation not fulfilled, NiteTables will refund the 10% deposit.

4) What happens if I have to cancel my reservation?

If a reservation is canceled outside of 24 hours before scheduled day and time, the deposit left with NiteTables will be refunded. If you simply do not show up the deposit will not be refunded.

5) Why are some packages priced per person and others have a flat price?

In some cases, the package reservation is calculated as a function of the real estate being secured by the group and the commitment is up to a maximum group size. Thus, the pricing does not change if there are less people than the maximum allowed. However, the price will likely go higher if the group size exceeds the number specified. Open Bar and dinner/drinks packages are usually priced by the person or couple.

6) What are the advantages of being a NiteTables member?

NiteTables often markets unique experience package offerings and special events which are made available either exclusively or as a "first look" to it's members.

7) What if I can not find a package offer that fits my group?

If you can not find a package that fits your group size or needs, we will work with the desired venue to customize to your needs. Contact us at info@nitetables.com with your parameters and we will respond promptly.

8) How Does the Guest List Work?

For venues offering this feature, members can sign-up to a NiteTables Guest List which allows for either free admission, reduced cover or express entry. The Guest List details are explained on the individual venue sign-up page. This feature is free to members. If you would like to create a personalized Guest List at one of our venues, please contact us and we will add it to the NiteTables system.

9) How do I invite guests to my event?

Once you have made your reservation for a package offer, click the Invite Guest button on the confirmation page. Input your guests and they will receive an email with all the details of the package reservation. This feature is helpful if your group is likely to arrive at different times in the night as each person will have the email receipt to show at the door.

10) Are Tax and Gratuity Included in the Package Price?

Unless specifically noted in the package description, tax and gratuity are not included in the pricing.

11) How do I find the "best" places and offers?

When doing a search for venues or offers, the results are listed in the order of popularity on the site as determined by our membership. The rankings are calculated by an algorithm that calculates page view and sales criteria to rank the findings for each category. The results can then be sorted alphabetically and by price.