April 17, 2020
PPE Save Lives Initiative: Covid19 Response

Covid19 has created a public health crisis and has dramatically changed our lives. With socializing and travel virtually eliminated, NiteTables business operations are suspended indefinitely. We have pivoted to contribute to the response effort.

NiteTables has joined partners to raise money to deliver much needed Personal Protection Equipment (PPE) to first responders/medical personnel with a subsequent effort to address the public health of our nation's homeless. The heroic work of our medical professionals in hospitals, EMS, police/fire departments nursing homes and home health care continues to be done without proper protections. Our key personnel fight the Covid-19 war for us at great personal risk. It is our obligation to do whatever we can to help. Your donations will allow for the purchase and delivery of surgical masks to better protect our front line workers, particularly those focused on underserved communities. 

Why give to us?  Our team has expertise in sourcing product from around the world, operational experience in distribution and project management skills. We have a supply chain identified with solid working relationships and the logistics in place to execute quickly. Speed is of the essence as Covid19 patients overwhelm our health care system.

We are unlikely to face a challenge this great again in our lifetimes. For many of us the marching orders are to simply stay home. A pretty small sacrifice in the grand scheme of things. But we can do much more. We can donate money for needed supplies and encourage others to do the same. We can purchase the necessary PPE and deliver them to the areas of greatest need to help save the lives of front-line workers.

All of us here on the team are volunteering so rest assured your donation is 100% going to fight this initiative.

In times of great need we band together and take care of our family, our friends our neighbors and our society. We make sure we do whatever we can to contribute to the greater good.


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