June 17, 2018
Great Tips for Throwing a Bachelorette Party

A really exciting time has come. Someone who is an important part of your life is getting married! Whether it’s from your sister, a college roommate, your childhood best-friend, or a close family friend, being asked by someone to be their bridesmaid or the maid of honor is quite the compliment. Of course, it is usually done in the most unique and creative way possible. Shortly after the hugs and happy tears, the realization settles that you now have a pretty imperative task on your hands; throwing the most extravagant and unforgettable bachelorette party for the bride. To make this celebration one to remember, check out these helpful tips as a guide towards easy-going planning process.


The Planning

Being in charge of outlining a bachelorette party can either be an exciting experience, or it can be a dreadful one. It all comes down to your planning approach and your efficiency in choosing the party arrangements, such as establishing a guest list or making timely reservations. Register the event online to take away those worries and to keep all the valuable specifics in one place. That way you won’t lose track of any important minor details or specifications. Now, let's talk location. Where the bachelorette party is taking place all depends on the bride's choice of a mild or wild time. If you think the bride wants something low key, making reservations at a restaurant or spa are great choices! If going somewhere isn’t a choice, suggest a sleepover and brunch at someone's house. If a wild night is the way to go, look for different restaurants, bars, or clubs in the area that can host a large group. Just make sure that wherever you are, the food is good, drinks are present, and that a source of transportation is set up to get you to and from wherever you’re planning to stay.


Bachelorette Party Limo Hop


Bachelorette Party Package Ideas


Make it About the Bride:

It is somewhat common for a planner to become so invested that their thoughts for what the bride might like that it can quickly transform to what only they would enjoy. Remember to always keep the bride in mind when you are making reservations, ordering food or buying decorations. If the event isn’t what the bride loves, you might notice that you’re having a better experience than the future bride. Don’t be afraid to communicate with the bride regarding her opinions and suggestions. The more you know, the easier is it to correlate the plans with her needs and wants.


Decorations & Party Favors

Whether the bachelorette wants a night in or a crazy night out, make sure that there are party favors and decorations to use to take photos with! Many bachelorette party planners ensure these favors to be the most inappropriate aspect of the event, but it can also be something as simple as streamers, a photo-booth, and balloons. Many stores have bachelorette themed decorations to choose from and typically provide everything you need in a simple kit. So if your rushing on time with the minor party details, check out some party sets to make it a one-stop-shop!


Remember, this is a special night for someone who appreciates you being a part of their life. So, make it fun! Laugh, cry, and be present because bachelorette parties only come around once in while and they will create lifelong memories that you and her friends will remember for a lifetime.



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