August 12, 2014
A Conversation with Charles Ferri of Star Vodka

NiteTables favorite nightlife blogger Melissa Varela, the Nightlife Huntress (NH), got together with our favorite brand and event partner Charles Ferri (CF) for a conversation about the company he founded Star Vodka and his plans for the future.  NiteTables recently co-hosted a July 4th party with Star Vodka at the DL and we look forward to many more high energy events featuring their emerging premium brand.  Here are some snippets of the Huntress' interview with the Charles Ferri, CEO and "Lucky Bastard".  The full interview can be found at

NH: Who is Charles Ferri and what is Star Vodka USA?

CF: I was raised in upstate New York from a modest family, my father working at GM and my mother a waitress at Dennys.  I went to SUNY Buffalo and graduated with a BS in Business and spent the next 8 years of my life working on Wall Street.  I got fed up with the corporate world and wanted to go out on my own in search of my own passion.  It was the hardest decision of my life to leave a very cushy job in Finance and give that all up and go out of my comfort zone with no real direction.  I jumped into the nightlife business and owned the infamous Star Room in the Hamptons.  Learning from what my VIP clientele and friends wanted in a vodka, I thought it was time to create an ultra premium American vodka that did not need to be infused with mixers to mask the taste.  Star Vodka would be made for select clientele that appreciates a super smooth spirit.

That vision took over a year to achieve and my dream is now a reality with Star Vodka, a brand distilled in Oregon with non-GMO Midwest corn and Cascade Mountain water.  The vodka undergoes a five-time filtration process through lava rock for purification.  This careful technique is completed in small batches to ensure Star is the smoothest and most selective gluten-free vodka on the market.

NH: Do you have any other projects that you are working on? 

CF: We are slowly increasing production in order to maintain the highest quality product for our loyal customers. To me, that is more important that anything else.

I am finalizing a new bottle design which should be ready by year end and the glass is Made in USA which makes me very proud.  Most spirit brands source their glass from China to save money which really bothers me.  Long term, I am looking to build a new distillery in upstate NY where we will produce Star Whiskey and Star Gin.

NH: Favorite Star mix recipe?

CF: Since its summer I LOVE a fresh watermelon and Star Vodka martini topped with a floating mint leaf

NH: Favorite nightlife spot?

CF: I’m not a big late night guy these days.  I love building the brand and would rather enjoy my days fresh and rested than tired and beat up from the night before!  I now prefer more low key places where I can have great conversations with friends and acquaintances like The Standard Hotel, Flatiron Room and The Roof at Viceroy Hotel.

Read the full interview written by the Nightlife Huntress at and follow her as we do @nightlifehuntress on twitter.

Look for Charles Ferri as he stars in Season Two of the Esquire Channel reality television series "Lucky Bastards" and follow the brand @starvodkausa.  

Charles is hosting Summer in Brazil at The Attic Rooftop on June 10th. Complimentary drinks and Star Vodka open bar at 7PM-8PM. Admission Tickets at $53. Book Here

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